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WEST SEATTLE SUNSET: Summer says ‘so long’

Thanks for the photos of the last summer sunset of 2020! Above, from David McDorman; below, from Jan Pendergrass:

Fall arrives tomorrow at 6:30 am; 12 hours later that, !

WEST SEATTLE MONDAY: Weather, + what’s happening today

(This morning’s fog, photographed by Ben)

吉林快三大小群Yes, that’s fog this morning, not smoke. Even once the fog clears, it’ll be cloudy, , but we might see some sun tomorrow. Along with three weather photos from this morning and last night, a few notes:

(Last night’s sunset, photographed by John Bartell)

TASTE OF WEST SEATTLE: This is the second of five days for this year’s , with partner food/drink establishments donating.part of the proceeds from certain menu items to the , to help prevent hunger and 吉林快三大小群lessness. See the list of participants (and the menu items) .

(added) DRIVE-UP FLU SHOTS: All students, families, and staff are welcome at today’s 10 am-5 pm drive-up flu-shot clinic at (2600 SW Thistle). You need an appointment – (as well as the list of other schools hosting these in days ahead, including others in West Seattle).

PEACE DAY: From 吉林快三大小群: Today “is International Peace Day. Come together for Peace. Draw, paint or photograph the symbol of peace, a dove, and post it online and in your window. We will be having a display of art at the Admiral Church grounds (today) for people to post their images of Peace there for all to enjoy. Won’t you join us! Admiral church is at the corner of California Ave SW at SW Hill St. We hope there will be many illustrations of peace displayed there. There will be twine strung between the trees for you to tape your pictures or cutouts onto. This is a great way for families to participate.”

(Last night’s moon, photographed by Chris Frankovich)

T-SHIRT DEADLINE: As noted last night, today is the final day for orders in the next round of sales of the contest-winning West Seattle Bridge T-shirts. .

SMOKE: Air Quality Alert extended again; cancellations continue

(Wednesday photo by Suzanne Murray)

Dare we hope that this will be the final extension? The National Weather Service, in consultation with other regional agencies, has , this time until 10 am Saturday. Some cancellations/closures continue – city parks are , Seattle Public Library curbside service , and the twice-weekly BLM sign-waving at 16th/Holden is canceled again today too, per organizer Scott.


(WSB photo)

6:33 PM: For the first time in days, we saw a hint of the downtown skyline from Seacrest while out on late-afternoon errands. Looking to the west, the sun was pink through the smoke/fog – we didn’t photograph that, but Marc Milrod did:

Dare we hope the worst is past? The says cautiously, “A front moving through the area late Thursday into Friday is expected to help clean out some of the smoke.”

ADDED 8:56 PM: Thomas吉林快三大小群 just sent this photo of what the smoke looks like from above – that’s Mount Rainier barely poking through in the distance:

STILL SMOKY: What’s ahead, and above

(Looking toward the smoke-obscured downtown skyline – photo by Marc Milrod)

You might have given up trusting forecasts by now, since we’re still socked in by smoke. But if not – here’s what forecasters are saying: “Relief from smoke will come in the form of an upper-level trough moving onshore late Thursday into Friday, bringing widespread rain that should help clear out the smoke.” So don’t expect relief tomorrow. Couple of interesting side notes from the Washington Smoke Information website: First, if it’s any consolation, we’ve lived through in recent years, though it does top one disturbing category. Also: If you’re wondering about which fires this smoke is from – .

P.S. If you’re watching the numbers, readers shared their favorite sites in this thread earlier today.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Yes, that’s rain!

Rain isn’t always big news, but when it happens after days of sky-shrouding smoke, it is. So in case you can’t believe your ears, we’re verifying – that’s rain. We’re hearing it here over Lincoln Park; Gill in White Center reports it there too. Might not be enough to clear things up – – but it’s certainly welcome.

SMOKE: Monday notes about closures/cancellations; new air-quality alert

(Monday morning photo by Stewart L.)

10:12 AM: Monday morning and still smoky. Two notes for starters, and we’ll add anything else of note related to the smoke in the hours ahead:

SEATTLE PARKS: As first reported here last night, parks, playfields, boat ramps, golf courses because of the unhealthy air. (Added: The closures have now been extended through Wednesday.)

SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY:吉林快三大小群 Curbside service is suspended again today.

(added) CITY-RUN COVID-19 TESTING SITES: Closed today, including the one at Southwest Athletic Complex.


Other closures/cancellations? westseattleblog@gmail.com or text 206-293-6302 – thank you!

ADDED 11:36 AM: Though the air-quality alert has expired for now, an update from AlertSeattle notes, “Wildfire smoke making air quality ‘very unhealthy’ to ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ is expected to remain in the area through the middle of this week.”

1:50 PM: The expiration didn’t last long. There’s a in effect through noon Thursday.

SMOKE: City extends park closures, with clearer weather looking further away

(One of the sun’s brief appearances this weekend – photo by Ron Creel)

Two notes as this smoky weekend concludes:

CITY PARK CLOSURES: announced via Twitter tonight:

吉林快三大小群Due to ongoing poor air quality, we’re extending closure of beaches, boat ramps, parks, & playfields through end of Mon., 9/14. The City is not issuing citations, but all residents are strongly encouraged to avoid outdoor activities & remain inside if able until quality improves.

SO WHEN WILL IT IMPROVE?吉林快三大小群 Maybe not as soon as originally forecast. From the tonight:

Stubborn smoke continues to hang on around most of Western Washington with unhealthy air quality expected to linger into Monday. Surface gradients remain light and this will do little to disperse anything across the lowlands. A broad upper trough offshore will send a weakening frontal system into the region Monday night into Tuesday, but models are backing off considerably with precip chances.

Any other changes/closures for Monday? Let us know so we can include in our updates – thank you!

SMOKE STAYING: Air Quality Alert extended through the weekend

(This morning’s sunrise, photographed by Marc Milrod)

Last night, as we reported, the National Weather Service吉林快三大小群 said the wildfire-smoke-fueled Air Quality Alert would probably be extended – and now that’s just happened. It’s . The alert notes, “Expect conditions to be worse during the overnight hours through this period as calmer winds will allow smoke to settle.” And @WestSeaWX adds:

SMOKY SUNSET: Air-quality alert might be extended, as hottest day of the week approaches

(Photo by Gene Pavola)

Wondering when the smoke will finally go away? The air-quality alert that’s in effect because of wildfire smoke is currently set to expire at 11 am tomorrow, but the suggests it might be extended:

Currently, air quality is considered moderate for much of the forecast area, with the exception of the Greater Seattle area, as well as near Olympia, where it is Unhealthy for sensitive groups. These levels are expected to stay in place, and possibly to get worsen if fires continue to spread. Because of all this, an Air Quality Alert will remain in place until tomorrow and will likely be extended into Friday. Additionally, we will also be monitoring the smoke from the CA and OR fires that is off the coast, and will eventually be pushed back eastward.

Also of note – tomorrow is expected to be the warmest day of the week, with the high likely reaching the upper 80s.

(Photo by James Bratsanos)

If you’re weary of the dry weather – we might get some rain Monday.

SMOKE: Another murky night in West Seattle

(Photo by Mike Jensen)

The wildfire smoke is expected to hang around at least into Wednesday morning – that’s when the current expires. Right now, as , local readings are all in the “unhealthy” range. This is all from wildfires that, in our state, burned 330,000 acres yesterday alone. For our area, there’s some good news, though – the forecast has pulled back a bit on the feared mini-heat wave … now it looks like three days ahead in the 80s, no more talk of 90s.

WEST SEATTLE SKY: Smoke arrives from Eastern Washington; fire trouble in South Sound, too

(Tonight’s sunset – photo by Kanit Cottrell)

8:18 PM: After a few night of smoke mostly to the west, from California wildfires, a new arrival tonight before sunset – smoke from fires in Eastern Washington. If you have a view to the east, it was visible over the Cascades late in the day:

(Photo tweeted by @kevinfreitas)

So much smoke has moved in so quickly that the King County Sheriff’s Office says it’s been swamped with 911 calls from people thinking there’s something on fire nearby (keep in mind, KCSO serves eastern rural King County too). Meantime, Gov. Inslee has declared a state of emergency. You can see wildfire locations in our state, and elsewhere,

9:57 PM:吉林快三大小群 As commenters note, there are fires in the South Sound too.

And it’s still breezy enough here that we have fire danger too – there’s a “brush fire” call right now on Delridge south of Thistle. (Update:吉林快三大小群 That call closed quickly.)

11:29 PM:吉林快三大小群 Here’s a visualization showing what’s in the air:

Thanks to Jim Edwards吉林快三大小群 for the flashlight-beam view.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: What to expect, after that smoky sunset

(Photo by David Hutchinson)

Good morning and welcome to the holiday weekend! Thanks to everyone who sent photos from last night’s sunset, seen through the wildfire smoke that arrived from California.

(Photo by Chris Frankovich)

吉林快三大小群Nothing like what we’ve seen in some recent years, though. And as for the temperatures, the first two days of the weekend are – in the 70s.

(Photo by James Tilley)

吉林快三大小群Monday is when the temperature kicks it up a notch – into the 80s.

(Photo by Tiff Rivera)

Then at midweek, we could be close to 90.

(Photo by Theresa Arbow-O’Connor)

吉林快三大小群The smoke is supposed to clear out over the weekend, so the deja-vu sunset might have been one of a kind.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Holiday weekend update (+ photos!)

(Photo by James Bratsanos, this morning)

The sun, moon, and sky continue their late-summer showing off, so we’re featuring more reader photos along with this holiday-weekend weather update.

(Texted photo, moon & osprey nest)

Still no hint of rain any time soon – the sky will be clear (aside from that wildfire smoke that appears to have arrived) at least into next week.

(Photo by David Hutchinson, Wednesday’s sunset)

After the holiday, the observes, we might even see record highs.

(Photo by Jim Borrow, Wednesday’s sunset)

But until then, looks more or less seasonably warm, as it was . (But unlike, say, the Southwest U.S., with that could go 20+ degrees above normal.)

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: The fog, the smoke, and the holiday

Weather notes – and some cool photos from this morning that came in too late for our daily preview:

(Photo by Elaine Dale)

The fog and full moon made for some breathtaking scenes – thanks to everyone who sent photos! suggests we might see more fog in spots tomorrow morning.

(Photo by Chris Frankovich)

Something else you might see tomorrow and beyond: Smoke. The warns that a plume of smoke from California wildfires is headed this way,. Tomorrow it will be overhead and likely to have minimal impact, but if it lingers through the weekend, we could have air-quality challenges. On the bright side, the weather is expected to be warm through Labor Day!

(Photo by Diana)

吉林快三大小群Temperatures may get into the 80s tomorrow and Tuesday, and highs are forecast as “near 80” for the days inbetween.

(Photo from the Erskines)

Tomorrow morning’s moonset is 7:48 am.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: After the heat, the storm

(Photo sent by Dave McDorman)

The sun has set on a record-tying hot day – 98 degrees at Sea-Tac – though the Jefferson Square temp/time sign counted a few bonus degrees:

(Photo sent by Jason Hubbard)

The cooldown is bringing a few surprises – raindrops, for example – and a texter says there’s lightning on the radar, headed this way.

(Photo sent by Kersti Muul)

The National Weather Service just posted minutes ago:

吉林快三大小群…high based thunderstorms have sprung up in and around the Seattle metro area. The concern with this type of convection is that due to their high based nature, not a lot of precipitation is expected out of them, but they are producing a fair amount of lightning, which can be fire starters. The prolonged period of hot and dry weather has dried the fuels out, therefore it would not take much to ignite some of these fuels that have had ample time to dry out and become much more combustible. The main message for the next few hours is to play it safe with lightning and stay indoors.

Tomorrow’s high is still predicted to be 80ish.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Expanded heat alert for Sunday

(Thursday’s sunset, photographed by Theresa Arbow-O’Connor)

The heat alert for Sunday has expanded by a few hours. The National Weather Service now has a 吉林快三大小群 for 7 am Sunday through 2 am Monday. Same outlook, though: “Very hot conditions with afternoon temperatures in the 90s expected.” Today, meantime, we – same for Monday and Tuesday.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: ‘Excessive Heat Watch’ ahead

(Recent sunset, photographed by Theresa Arbow-O’Connor)

You’ve probably heard another mini-heat wave is on the way. The National Weather Service has confirmed it by issuing an for Sunday. The alert warns, “Very hot conditions with afternoon temperatures in the 90s.” Just one extra-hot day, though – projects a drop into the 80s on Monday.

PHOTOS: West Seattle sunrise & sunset

Some beautiful photos have arrived in the past ~22 hours. First – an unidentified texter sent this early today:

The rest are views of Thursday’s sunset, which happened while we were out covering a protest. From Jan Pendergrass:

From Jim Borrow:

From Curry Gibson:

And from Kanit Cottrell:

Some wildfire smoke contributed to the color – weather analyst .

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Hottest day of the year

4:29 PM: The 4 pm temperature at Sea-Tac – and this is the hottest day of the year so far, first day in the 90s since a little over a year ago. The National Weather Service‘s alert continues until 8 pm, and after that, things should start cooling a bit, and tomorrow shouldn’t get past .

ADDED 5:06 PM: Now 93. (Dahlia photo by Theresa Arbow-O’Connor)

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: ‘Heat Advisory’ alert for Monday

(Recent Lincoln Park sunset, photographed by Theresa Arbow-O’Connor)

One day after we noted that Monday’s high temperature could rise into the 90s, the National Weather Service吉林快三大小群 has issued an alert: Our area has a “Heat Advisory” for 9 am-8 pm Monday, with the NWS saying it could get up to 93 degrees. .

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: 90 reasons to appreciate this weekend

July 25, 2020 7:06 am
|    Comments Off on WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: 90 reasons to appreciate this weekend
 |   West Seattle news | West Seattle weather

We’ve had cooling clouds around quite a bit recently, as photos from Jim Borrow (above) and Theresa Arbow-O’Connor (below) show …

… but forecasters say that we’re in for a change. The weather will start warming up in a major way, and Monday . (Weather analyst Cliff Mass .) So unless you’re a fan of hot weather, there’s a big reason to appreciate the more-seasonal weather forecast for this weekend, with highs likely in the 70s. We haven’t been in the 90s for more than a year, though, and the upcoming heat isn’t expected to hang around long, subsiding again after Monday.

SURVEY: National Weather Service wants your advice about alerts

Spotted this : The National Weather Service wants your opinion on the wording it uses for alerts. Should they drop the use of terms like advisory, watch, and warning? you can take to tell the NWS what you think. It’s open until August 21st, so save it for later if you’re too busy now!