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‘ It’s time for action’: West Seattle Junction Association’s plea to the city about park problems

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Junction Plaza Park just passed its 10th anniversary吉林快三大小群. In those 10 years, it’s been the site of many celebrations and gatherings, including the annual community Christmas tree lighting.

Right now, it’s a source of concern.

Since the city installed a “hygiene station” there four months ago, though it already maintains a public porta-potty a block west, the 吉林快三大小群 has been receiving reports of what it summarizes as “escalating violence and drug use in the park.”

Out of “the continued frustration of our citizens, coupled with the escalating violence, compounded by zero response (or accountability) from Human Services,” WSJA executive director Lora Radford吉林快三大小群 has just launched meant to call public attention to some of those concerns and ask for community support in seeking a city response.

One example of the escalation of trouble in and near the park: The recent rampage at the QFC across the street, for which a suspect has been charged and remains in jail. But that’s just one incident mentioned in some of the anecdotes and observations posted on the page so far. While trash and discarded needles are mentioned, so are concerns about personal safety:

吉林快三大小群“… while I was sitting on a bench in the park trying to comb my dog, a young man approached me and accused me of staring at his girlfriend, then promptly flashed a large knife at me and told me to leave the park.”

“… There was a police response as a belligerent and violent man was accosting his fellow transients but also two innocent men who were literally just walking by on the sidewalk.”

吉林快三大小群“… We have had instances of our tenants being verbally accosted while trying to cross the street at that location and an instance where a colleague was chased by one of person s congregating in the park.”

The WSJA’s page makes it clear that it’s fully aware that the big picture involves “significant health, economic, and social challenges” and services are needed. But in the meantime, it’s concerned about safety – of the vulnerable people in the park as well as others in the area. It is asking all those with concerns to contact the Human Services Department (info). So far, after previous contacts, the only response from the city is a reply that just acknowledged the concerns and added:

吉林快三大小群You are correct that providing mental health and drug addiction counseling services is a broader question that needs to be addressed city-wide.

吉林快三大小群The Hygiene Station program team includes representatives from the Human Services Department (HSD), Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR), Office of the Mayor, Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) and Department of Neighborhoods (DON). Many team members are also working on COVID-19 and 吉林快三大小群lessness response issues and policies.

Aside from that acknowledgment a week ago, nothing, says Radford. So here’s how you can help if you have concerns too:

吉林快三大小群When you observe illegal behavior or see drug and mental illness issues in the park – first and foremost, please call 911. Please do not engage with the persons.

吉林快三大小群Send an email to Human Services. Together, we can work to elevate the need for more mental and drug counselors at the park. Let’s get people to the services they need, and support accountability:

Copy/paste into the send line of your email

吉林快三大小群Tom.VanBronkhorst3@seattle.gov; Frank.Coulter@seattle.gov; Bill.Benzer@seattle.gov; Tess.Colby@seattle.gov; Lisa.Gustaveson@seattle.gov; Donna.Waters@seattle.gov

吉林快三大小群cc: Lora@wsjunction.org

Or Call Human Services
Tom Van Bronkhorst
Office: 206.233.3954

Other business districts in the city have similar concerns; WSJA recently joined with some of its counterparts in this letter to the city. An excerpt:

We ask you take small businesses and the owners, employees, customers, and adjacent residents into consideration when assessing the public safety needs for the constituents of this city. Seattle is at a crossroads and is choosing its path forward. It’s time for us to ask our leaders, both legislative and executive, to find a way to work together to achieve what they essentially agree on: a reimagined municipal social contract—especially around public safety—that protects and lifts up all of us. Confronting and dismantling systemic racism and providing a safe environment for our neighborhood business districts are not mutually exclusive; indeed, they rely on each other completely.

For the Junction Association, the bottom line is at the end of its new page: “Join us. It’s time for action.”

Tree down by north Lincoln Park entrance

Thanks to the Lincoln Park neighbor who sent吉林快三大小群 the photo and report. If you usually walk/ride into the park via the north entrance at the south end of Beach Drive, you’ll find that tree blocking the way. No one was hurt, the neighbor says, but a car was damaged.

FOLLOWUP: Here’s when SDOT plans permanent repairs for Admiral Way sinkhole

(WSB photo, August 26th)

A week and a half after a sizable sinkhole opened in the middle of Admiral Way, has set the date for permanent repairs. Just got word from SDOT’s Kari Tupper吉林快三大小群 that “we are going to be working on the road repairs on Admiral Way and also working on two nearby Seattle Public Utilities water cut repairs on Tuesday and Wednesday (9/8-9/9), right after the holiday … the crews are expecting to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction throughout the days of work.” Pending those repairs, the sinkhole’s been covered by a steel plate.

READER REPORT: Tree trouble in Admiral

Thanks to Blake O. for the photo from Stevens/44th, just west of PCC吉林快三大小群. Blake was parked nearby and saw this upon return: “A giant branch had fallen off an old tree, landing on nearby cars. I was parked one car length away. I don’t know any information other than, it had happened around 8:50 pm today, 9/3. Neighbors think it was just an old tree No one was hurt. There was no wind or any other outside force that they know of.” We heard a related dispatch, so authorities are aware; we don’t know whether the tree’s been cleared.

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash on Admiral

That flipped-car crash near the top of the east Admiral Way hill is from KH吉林快三大小群, who reports: “A car was speeding down Admiral, around the curve at the intersection of Olga and Admiral. The car was swerving, hit the embankment, and flipped over. ” By the time we got to the scene less than an hour after the 6:25 am callout, it was clear. We are following up with SFD and SPD.

ADDED: Photo above is by Veronika. SFD says no one was treated.

SAFETY: State Fire Marshal’s FYI about furnishings

Received today from the state Fire Marshal’s Office吉林快三大小群 – a potentially life-saving reminder:

The Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office advises residents that 吉林快三大小群 furnishings have changed over the last few decades from natural materials to synthetic materials. Synthetic fabrics, padding, glues, and resins in newer furnishings burn hotter, faster, and produce more toxic gases and smoke than natural materials.

Studies have shown that room fires with older, natural materials get hot enough to reach “flashover” (the point when all of the materials in the room ignite) in about 30-45 minutes. Whereas newer synthetic materials reach flashover much quicker, in about four to eight minutes.

Additionally, when natural materials burn, the smoke includes hydrogen, carbon, and carbon monoxide. When synthetic materials burn, additional toxic gases including benzene, formaldehyde, and hydrogen cyanide are created.

This means that it is now more important than ever for families to respond and escape quickly in the event of a fire.

吉林快三大小群· Residents should be sure that their 吉林快三大小群 has operable smoke alarms installed in every bedroom and in the hallways on each floor of the 吉林快三大小群.

· Plan and practice a 吉林快三大小群 fire escape plan. Be sure everyone has two ways out of each room.

· Check doors for heat before opening them. If the door is hot, use another way out.

· In a fire emergency get outside immediately, and never go back inside the 吉林快三大小群.

· Smoke is poisonous. Stay low and get outside immediately. Never go back inside.

· Gather at a designated meeting place and call 911.

吉林快三大小群 of how natural and synthetic furnishings burn.

FOLLOWUP: Highland Park traffic-calming, round 1, almost done

Even as the Reconnect West Seattle feedback process continues, Highland Park already has had in the works. Last week, Cindy sent us a photo of a sign that’s already installed and waiting along 9th SW – though the speed bumps it mentions aren’t in place yet:

We checked with on the installation status, and they sent us the map above, saying, “We have completed installing all of the traffic calming measures everywhere except 9th Ave SW, which we are still working to schedule.” As noted on the map, the 9th SW installations are planned as “speed cushions” – here’s the difference, as explained by SDOT:

Speed humps吉林快三大小群 are designed to slow traffic speeds on low volume, low speed streets. They are a solid hump across the travel lane and are installed near streetlights where they will be visible to people driving and biking.

Speed cushions are typically installed where average speeds are 5 mph higher than the speed limit. Speed cushions leave space for emergency vehicles to pass through quickly and are used on designated fire and emergency routes on residential streets.

This project also included the Highland Park Way/Holden traffic signal that was rush-installed吉林快三大小群 right after the West Seattle Bridge closure, after local residents had worked for years to get safety upgrades at that intersection.

吉林快三大小群P.S. If you live/work/travel through the area, be sure to give your feedback on the , before July 31st.

FIREWORKS: Remember to protect pets

It’s not even dark, and people are illegally setting off fireworks, scaring those you can’t calm with an explanation – particularly pets. The ‘s advice for helping your pets this time of year (published last year, but unfortunately perennially relevant) , with advice such as “Leave pets at 吉林快三大小群 and inside,” “Create a 吉林快三大小群 sanctuary,” and “Identification is essential.” No matter what you do, your pet might still bolt if s/he gets the chance; if you lose or find a pet, remember that we have had a Lost/Found Pets page on WSB for 12 years – send us info (westseattleblog@gmail.com or text 206-293-6302) and a photo, if available. But no matter how much care you take with pets, there are still animals affected because their “吉林快三大小群 sanctuaries” are those same outdoor spaces where people are setting off explosives – our beautiful birds, for example. Thanks in advance for your consideration. (WSB shop cat Miles, 20 and declining, thanks you too.)

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: Stabilization work about to start

(SDOT photo: Hydra-Lift Under-Bridge Inspection Platform that’ll be used in stabilization work)

Regardless of whether the city decides to repair or replace the West Seattle Bridge, it has to be stabilized. just announced that contractor will move this week from staging to stabilizing. The first phase of that work has to be done even before the stuck Pier 18 bearings can be tackled, SDOT says:

The first step of this stabilization work will be to construct and attach movable work platforms to the underside of the bridge so that crews can safely access the exterior of the bridge girders while they work on measures intended to slow cracking. In order to secure the hanging platforms, crews will use a precision hydro-demolition technique to excavate existing holes which held up platforms when the bridge was being built and were then filled with concrete decades ago. Crews will open up more than 100 of these holes, which will take a minimum of 2 weeks. Once the holes have been exposed, the work platforms can be hoisted up from a barge in the river below using roadway-mounted electric winches.

When the work platforms are secure, the team will be able to work from both the top and underside of the bridge, and move forward with the stabilization measures. The first stabilization measure will be to install carbon fiber wrapping around the bottom of the bridge in areas where strengthening is required and inside some of the girders most affected by cracking. The initial carbon fiber wrapping work will likely begin as soon as late July and take approximately 10 weeks to install.

Once the carbon fiber wrap is in place, we can begin installing steel tendons inside the bridge. When the steel strands are in place, we will begin to tighten them to achieve the required tension that will support the bridge and, along with the carbon fiber wrap, help slow cracking. Work to install and tighten the steel tendons will likely take one to two weeks to complete.

吉林快三大小群More details – and graphics – are in .

P.S. Wondering how much all this will cost? City Councilmember Lisa Herbold‘s includes this: “A memo received from the City Budget Office … notes ‘SDOT estimates 2020 costs for bridge repair to be $22.8 million. To help fund 2020 costs for emergency repair work, SDOT will take on additional debt supported by an interfund loan in 2020. More funding will be required in 2021 and 2022’.”

FIREWORKS: Love them or hate them, get ready for more of them

(July 2018 reader photo, Solstice Park)

You’ve already likely been hearing the booms for a couple weeks now, but be aware, the annual peak fireworks season is about to begin, with fireworks stands opening today in unincorporated King County. This year could be worse than usual because most big public shows were canceled. As , fireworks sales are allowed in the unincorporated area daily through the 4th, but using them is only legal on the 4th, and only in that area – they’re illegal in the cities north and south, Seattle and Burien. Yes, we know, there’s usually little enforcement. So if the illegality of fireworks doesn’t convince you not to use them, how about the fact ?

With signage – and some humor – South Park begs drivers to slow down

South Park isn’t waiting for SDOTs “mitigation plan” to take action to try to slow down traffic detouring through the neighborhood because of the West Seattle Bridge closure. The photos were sent by Robin Schwartz, who explains:

Folks are VERY concerned with speeding, especially on side streets. We are working on immediate/free actions to raise awareness and impede speeding. The (next) photo is a planter put up in “bump-out/curb bulb” at 5-way intersection [just southwest of the bridge]. Cars and trucks have begun driving right through it so we are trying to block it. The rest of the pictures are “slow down” signs that we will put putting up around the neighborhood on Saturday.

South Park is one of the areas that will get a list of projects to vote on starting July 6th as part of a “neighborhood traffic-mitigation plan” related to the WS Bridge closure – the other three are Georgetown, SODO, and Highland Park/Roxhill/South Delridge/Riverview.

P.S. Here’s what South Park neighborhood advocates requested in a letter to the city two months ago.

ONLY A TEST: What you might see/hear at noon this Friday

At noon this Friday, your phone may go off with a test alert that’ll be related to the West Seattle Bridge Emergency Response Plan吉林快三大小群. Here’s the announcement:

吉林快三大小群On June 26 at 12 p.m., the City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management will send a test message through the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system. The alert will only be sent to those who have opted in to receive local test messages through WEA, and to a small geographic area under and near the West Seattle Bridge. The message will state: “This is a test of Wireless Emergency Alerts by the City of Seattle. No action is required.”

吉林快三大小群The national WEA system is an essential part of the City’s emergency preparedness and response. This public safety system allows customers who own compatible devices to receive geographically targeted, text-like messages alerting them of imminent threats to safety in their area. The most common example of these alerts is the “Amber Alerts” sent by Washington State Patrol that directly ping mobile phones.

吉林快三大小群Though not predicted, the City has emergency plans in place to use the WEA and AlertSeattle systems among other methods to notify people under or near the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge in the event of an immediate collapse. The City has successfully used the system several times in 2020, though it’s important to test the geographical capabilities of the system to ensure the correct area is targeted. Twenty volunteers from Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management Auxiliary Communication Services will stage in locations on and surrounding Harbor Island during the test to confirm receipt of the message. Results will be collected by Seattle OEM to determine the reach of the system.

Mobile phone users who are in the geographical area and would like to receive the test message must take steps to enable the option on their phone. The capability of a phone to receive local test messages depends on the brand and model, as well as phone carrier. Review the instruction manual for the phone for information on how to enable this feature. Basic information for Apple and Android Phones is below:

Apple iPhone:

· To turn it on: Enter *5005*25371# and tap the green phone icon. You’ll get an alert that says “Test alerts enabled.”

· To turn it off: Enter *5005*25370# and tap the green phone icon. You’ll get an alert that says “Test alerts disabled.”


吉林快三大小群· Go to “Settings” > “Apps and Notifications” > “Advanced” > “Wireless Emergency Alerts” and then switch “State/local test” option to ON.

Members of the public are encouraged to proactively sign-up for AlertSeattle to receive emergency notifications from the City of Seattle: .

FOLLOWUP: City finds ‘defect’ in sewer line near Alki slide site

(WSB photo, June 1st)

Two and a half weeks after a slide and water leak on the slope in the 1200 block of Alki SW – at which time Seattle Public Utilities told us the leak appeared to be on private property – an update from SPU spokesperson Sabrina Register:

On May 31, Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle Parks and Recreation responded to reports of a landslide from City property that affected private property at 1200 and 1210 Alki Ave SW. Staff have been working to assess whether the slide was the result of natural causes or caused by water. As moving water was found at the site, the City has been trying to determine the source of that water since the slide occurred.

吉林快三大小群Shortly after the slide occurred, SPU began checking upslope pipelines and systems for leaks and other damage and SPR evaluated the site for hazard trees. SPR will return to remove hazard trees when the site is made available. During its testing, SPU discovered a broken water service at one 吉林快三大小群 above the slide zone, which was shut down. No other water leaks were discovered.

吉林快三大小群When the water outflow did not diminish, SPU continued to look for leak sources, including examining development patterns and their potential impact on drainage, and possible subsurface groundwater movement. SPU also conducted tests on water samples which showed elevated fecal coliform levels, indicating a possible sewer leak or another source such as animal waste.

Based on the fecal coliform levels, SPU had all upslope sewer mains inspected by CCTV. The inspection turned up a defect in a nearby 8- inch combined sewer line. While It is not currently known whether that defect is related to the landslide, SPU is planning for prompt repair of that sewer defect.

吉林快三大小群The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections has dispatched Building inspectors to the site to evaluate the slope stability and the impacts to existing buildings and adjoining properties. No visible damage was observed.

吉林快三大小群We’ll be checking on the timeline for the promised repairs, as well as the building impacts.

CURFEW: Here’s why it was just canceled

The citywide curfew is now canceled. Here’s the announcement just in from the mayor’s office:

吉林快三大小群After meeting with community leaders today, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and Chief Carmen Best announced that the citywide curfew will end effective immediately. The curfew was originally recommended by the Seattle Police Department as a way to aid in crowd control and preserve public safety after violence on Saturday. However, the Mayor and Chief chose to rescind the curfew following feedback from community leaders and protestors who wanted to ensure no peaceful individuals who were demonstrating were arrested. The Seattle Police Department did not make a single arrest for violation of the curfew.

吉林快三大小群“These last few days have been deeply trying, and have caused a level of sadness, anger, and frustration from the community that makes crystal clear: At the City, we can work together to make changes,” said Mayor Durkan. “On Saturday, we first implemented the curfew as a tool to help the Seattle Police Department disperse peaceful crowds, keep vulnerable people in their 吉林快三大小群s, and preserve public health and safety. However, community leaders made it clear that wanted to ensure peaceful demonstrations could still occur and ensure there was no disruption for our workers, and small business owners. Throughout the day, we have seen peaceful demonstrations, and Chief Best believes we can balance public safety and ensure peaceful protests can continue without a curfew. Effective immediately, the curfew is no longer in effect in the City of Seattle. For those who are demonstrating, please keep making your voices heard peacefully.”

The City of Seattle will send a notice of the terminated curfew via Alert Seattle, which sends notifications directly to residents’ mobile phones. The City encourages all residents to sign up for Alert Seattle to receive notifications directly to their mobile device.

VIDEO: Update from mayor and chiefs; 9 pm-5 am curfew announced, nightly until Saturday morning

5:41 PM: Will there be a curfew again tonight? That’s one of the questions we expect will be answered at the briefing that’s just begun with the mayor and chiefs. We’ll add notes as it goes.

The mayor opens by saying she wanted to be sure to acknowledge the reason for the gatherings and protests – the killing of George Floyd吉林快三大小群, the inequities in our country. “We must make real and durable change. .. from economic justice to civil justice to criminal justice … These protesters’ demands must be our demands.”

5:52 PM吉林快三大小群: The mayor is speaking at length about concerns regarding police use of force, and also talking about changing policies that have led to additional concerns – “mourning badges” covering badge numbers, body-worn cameras not being used during protests.

6:06 PM:吉林快三大小群 The police chief now takes the microphone, also reminding everyone that this is all about “the murder of George Floyd.” She says 86 people have been arrested in the past few days, which she says have been “very different” events than what SPD has seen in the past. She also says officers’ response on Capitol Hill last night will be reviewed.

The chief says a 9 pm-5 am curfew will be in place through Saturday.

6:20 PM: They’re in Q&A. The mayor is asked if SPD will be targeted for cuts because of the COVID-19 budget crunch; she says “every department” has been asked to look for savings.

What’s the point of the curfew? they’re asked. The mayor said it was recommended by Chief Best, who says it’s part of “us(ing) every tool that we can …” and to have it as a “fallback if needed.”

The event wraps at 6:27 pm.

8:05 PM:吉林快三大小群 Here’s the news release with curfew details and a link to the actual order:

– Mayor Jenny A. Durkan today signed an to place a temporary citywide curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., each night between Tuesday, June 2 through Saturday June 6. During these hours, residents and visitors should remain in their 吉林快三大小群 to the extent possible and should refrain from traveling in and through the entire City of Seattle. The curfew is intended to prevent violence and widespread property damage, and to prevent the further community spread of COVID-19 through continued gathering. The City encourages all residents to sign up for Alert Seattle to receive notifications about the curfew directly to their mobile device.

“Speaking with protesters today and hearing the voices of community, demonstrations can and should safely continue to speak out against injustice. This conversation and social movement must continue,” said Mayor Jenny Durkan. “At the recommendation of Chief Carmen Best, a curfew is critical that we protect their ability to peacefully protest and we believe this new curfew time will allow us to keep these protesters and the community at large safe.”

“The right to free speech is something we all honor and cherish as Americans. Meeting with community members and demonstrators today who came together to express their grief, anger, frustration about the murder of George Floyd was a reminder of how important the first amendment is,” said Chief Carmen Best. “I do not take the implementation of a curfew lightly, but I believe it is necessary—it’s a tool that helps us ensure public safety. We ask that residents who want to gather, continue to do so peacefully.”

The Mayor implemented a citywide curfew on Saturday, May 30 as pockets of demonstrations quickly escalated downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods, and fires proliferated. The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) was temporarily unable to safely access multiple fire incidents. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) has made zero arrests for curfew violation, and it will continue to be primarily used as a tool to encourage crowds to voluntarily disperse and keep streets and roads accessible for first responders to reach emergencies.

All residents should keep in mind impacts to roads and transit service could make it more difficult to get 吉林快三大小群. The City encourages residents to follow @kcmetrobus, @SoundTransit, @SDOTtraffic, and @wsdot_traffic on Twitter for updates on transit service and road closures. King County Metro and Sound Transit are both operating at reduced services because of COVID-19, so residents should check updated schedules regularly.

吉林快三大小群The City hopes that with additional notice, businesses and residents can plan accordingly for curfews over the next three days. The City is continuing to broadcast information about the curfew early and often, in multiple languages.

The temporary curfew does not impact people who need to commute to work during these hours, people experiencing 吉林快三大小群lessness, people in a medical emergency or people in a dangerous situation, first responders, health care workers, and the news media. In addition, the curfew does not require businesses to close while it is in effect, though businesses may close at their choosing.

FOLLOWUP: Added Seattle Fire apparatus, crews now on duty in West Seattle, South Park

Thanks to the tipster who texted that photo – West Seattle’s Fire Station 37 (35th/Holden) is now 吉林快三大小群 to Ladder 13 as well as Engine 37. Four weeks ago, the city announced that extra SFD apparatus and crews would be stationed on this side of the Duwamish River because of the West Seattle Bridge closure – L13 in West Seattle, and Medic 26 at Station 26 in South Park. SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley吉林快三大小群 confirms to WSB that both additions have arrived at their new locations, but their crews will be training for a few days before they’re fully ready to respond. (Our tipster says that for L13, for example, that’s 20 more people, to cover all shifts.)

UPDATE: At mayor, chiefs’ briefing, citywide curfew announced again for tonight, 6 pm-5 am; business closures

1:50 PM: Will there be a curfew for a third night? That and other questions should be answered in the briefing that’s just begun, with Mayor Jenny Durkan, SPD Chief Carmen Best, and SFD Chief Harold Scoggins. SPD has published a timeline of Saturday’s events – – including that 57 people were arrested, “most for burglary and assault.” We’ll add notes as the briefing goes.

1:58 PM:吉林快三大小群 The mayor has recapped some of what that timeline lays out, after spending several minutes emphasizing the difference between the peaceful protests and their message, and what she described as a “rapid” deterioration in the situation just before 4 pm Saturday. And she announces there WILL be a curfew again TONIGHT, 6 pm-5 am, citywide. … The mayor also stresses that incidents of police using force over the weekend are under investigation.

2:07 PM:吉林快三大小群 SPD Chief Best takes the microphone.

2:13 PM: SFD Chief Scoggins says his department reported to more than 50 calls over the weekend related to the downtown unrest.

2:18 PM: Asked about any proof of the officials’ ongoing allegations that some came from “outside the city” to cause trouble, Chief Best says they’re still working to verify the identities (etc.) of those arrested.

2:28 PM:吉林快三大小群 Pressed about the curfew and why some people were downtown as late as 11 pm without getting arrested, Chief Best says there were up to 800 people and it was “in the best interest of public safety … not to have a confrontation” but that police did eventually move them out.

2:38 PM: The briefing’s over. If you’re closing early because of the curfew, as some did over the weekend, let us know – just got a text that Target JUST closed. We’ll add here, if we hear about more.

ADDED – MORE BUSINESS CLOSURES: Commenter says Trader Joe’s is closing at 4 pm … Another says PCC is closing at 6 … Walgreens is reported to be closing early … Also note that Metro吉林快三大小群 has suspended downtown service.

VIDEO: Mayor, governor, community leaders speak, urging that protests’ message not be lost

4:36 PM: Live via above, another briefing for the mayor, and this time she’s joined by Gov. Inslee and “community and faith leaders to discuss the escalated incidents this weekend and the continued importance of seeking justice for George Floyd.” Meantime, crowds are again gathered downtown, and the second night of a citywide curfew order is slated to take effect at 5 pm (as an 吉林快三大小群 bulletin just reminded everyone subscribed to that service).

4:43 PM: So far no new information. The mayor turns over the mic to the governor, and says he will be followed by Seattle Central College president Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange吉林快三大小群. Inslee stresses that the “important message (of the protests)” must not “be obscured” by the destruction that followed. He adds, “We have so much more to do to root out the inequities in our society.”

Dr. Lange says she hesitated to accept the invitation because she is “tired … angry … grieving.” She speaks of the protests’ message earlier in the day – and then seeing “mostly white men … with huge backpacks” who were not there to hear “the message of hope.” What can allies do? “Join us” in fighting for justice, for equity, and more. She is followed by Dr. Rev. Carey Anderson吉林快三大小群, pastor of Seattle’s First African Methodist Episcopal Church. He too speaks of the hopes and dreams expressed yesterday, and of the “pandemic of racism … that we must come to grips with.”

He is followed by Andre Taylor, founder of Not This Time. He tells his “story of redemption” and implores others to take hope from it – “When I am here, you are here as well … we all have a lot of work to do.”

5:02 PM: On to Q&A. Asked what proof the city has so far that the destructive agitators were from elsewhere, the mayor cites none, instead saying, “wherever they were from,” they came with a different agenda. Then, a question about the protests under way downtown right now – what will the police do differently? SPD Chief Carmen Best says they’re working to “manage” the crowd of about 1,000 people and that they “fully intend to enforce” the curfew that just took effect, working on a strategy right now.

Dr. Rev. Anderson says they’re having a prayer vigil at noon Monday at his church – with social distancing – all welcome. (1522 14th Ave.)

吉林快三大小群No numbers on arrests or injuries; the mayor notes that there were “no significant injuries.”

Asked why a citywide curfew, the mayor says among other things it provides a lawful basis to ask people to disperse. She also notes that the stay-吉林快三大小群 order remains in effect (without noting that it expires at midnight, five hours before the curfew ends). Will the curfew be extended beyond tonight? The mayor said they’ll be evaluating it after tonight. … The event wraps at 5:30 pm. When archived video is available, we will add it above in place of the live SC window. (added 8:10 pm – added).

UPDATE: What else you need to know today: Curfew, day 2; business changes

11:36 AM:吉林快三大小群 One other look-ahead note: Reminder that the mayor’s citywide-curfew order () is in effect again tonight, with a 5 pm-5 am curfew. If you have questions about it, .

While the city says businesses are allowed to be open during curfew hours, they’re not supposed to serve customers, so some businesses are closing early. So far we’ve heqrd about two changes, both grocery stores: Trader Joe’s is closing at 3 pm, PCC at 5 pm. If we hear of anything else, we’ll add to this post – westseattleblog@gmail.com or text 206-293-6302. (ADDED) Both Rite-Aids are closing at 5 pm …. (added) Freshy’s is closing at 5 pm … Target吉林快三大小群, Thriftway also closed early …

12:48 PM: Mayor Durkan, Police Chief Best, and Fire Chief Scoggins are presenting a briefing – you can wqtch it . (The mayor opens by saying another media briefing is set for 4:30 pm.)

1:01 PM:吉林快三大小群 No new information but the mayor spoke emotionally on several points including seeing community members who have gone to ravaged areas today to join in cleanup. … The police chief says “dozens” of people arrested yesterday (the mayor said no one was arrested simply for curfew violation, however). … The briefing ended at 1:30 pm. We’ll add the archived video when it’s available.

3:01 PM:吉林快三大小群 Video of earlier briefing now added above. Meantime, the mayor will be joined by the governor and faith and community leaders at 4:30 – we’ll cover that separately.

UPDATE: Citywide 5 pm curfew, other emergency orders, after downtown demonstrators turn violent; some WS businesses closing early

5:04 PM: Mayor Jenny Durkan has just ordered a 5 pm citywide curfew – minutes before 5 pm – because downtown protests have turned destructive and dangerous.

5:22 PM:吉林快三大小群 Here’s the mayor’s news release:

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, Police Chief Carmen Best, and Fire Chief Harold Scoggins announced an 5:00 p.m. curfew effective today, May 30 and tomorrow, May 31.吉林快三大小群 Mayor Durkan will soon be signing an emergency order. The curfew will be in effect from 5:00 pm – 5:00 am, and during those hours residents and visitors should remain in their residence to the extent possible and should refrain from traveling in and through Seattle. The curfew is intended to prevent violence and widespread property damage, and to prevent the further community spread of COVID-19 through continued gathering.

吉林快三大小群“While most of those protests were peaceful, there have been isolated but significant events of violence and destruction. This temporary curfew is intended to preserve the health and safety of our residents by keeping our streets safe and accessible for essential workers and first responders and preventing the further spread of COVID-19,” said Mayor Durkan.

The temporary curfew does not impact people who need to commute to work during these hours, people experiencing 吉林快三大小群lessness, people in a medical emergency or people in a dangerous situation, first responders, health care workers, and the news media. In addition, the curfew does not require businesses to close while it is in effect, and it will not alter public transit schedules.吉林快三大小群 The Mayor and Chiefs ask all residents and visitors to voluntarily abide by the curfew. The City does not intend to enforce the curfew, except for violations that result in public health and safety threats including fires, extensive property damage, and violence.

Today, the Seattle Police Department, Seattle Fire Department, and Seattle Department of Transportation monitored the demonstrations and stood ready to provide assistance, manage traffic impacts, and preserve health and safety. Staff from Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods were downtown distributing hundreds of disposable masks to demonstrators.

5:25 PM:吉林快三大小群 From the governor:

Gov. Jay Inslee today activated up to 200 members of the Washington National Guard in response to a request from the City of Seattle to help protect against property damage and manage crowds and traffic during downtown protests. Guard personnel will be unarmed and work under the direction of City of Seattle leadership.

The guard was activated by from the governor to Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, commander of the Washington National Guard, as demonstrations were underway in Seattle protesting the death of George Floyd in Minnesota earlier this week.

“The National Guard is on stand by to assist the Seattle Police Department as requested by Mayor Durkan,” Inslee said. “They will be unarmed and assist with infrastructure protection and crowd movement. They will only be utilized if absolutely necessary and we appreciate their efforts to help in this important work.”

5:45 PM: The mayor is speaking with reporters at 6 pm. We’ll be phoning into that and will add notes.

6:10 PM: Still awaiting the mayor. Note that (as discussed in comments) at least a few West Seattle businesses have closed early because of the curfew – please let us know of any others (westseattleblog@gmail.com, or text 206-293-6302). We’ll build a list here:
Meeples Games
Zeeks Pizza
Trader Joe’s
(adding as we hear of others)

6:18 PM: “For most of today, the demonstrators were peaceful,” says the mayor. “Unfortunately, in the late afternoon, (protests) downtown turned destructive and violent.” She draws a clear line between those who protested peacefully earlier, and those who turned violent later. The violent acts do not honor George Floyd, she notes, and won’t be tolerated. “We will take all steps necessary to protect residents and property …” She has issued three emergency orders: A civil emergency and a prohibition on weapons use, as well as the curfew tonight and tomorrow. (.) Both the mayor and fire chief have explained that firefighters were delayed from getting to some of the set fires downtown because it was unsafe.

After a few minutes of mayoral, police, and fire statements, it’s Q&A. First one: The timing of the curfew. The mayor says the 5 pm time was set at SPD’s recommendation “to get people safely 吉林快三大小群.” The mayor also notes that the statewide stay-吉林快三大小群 order hasn’t expired yet so people should be staying 吉林快三大小群 anyway. In another response, she again differentiates the peaceful protesters who rallied earlier and those who “hijacked” the demonstration later and caused “such destruction and chaos.” The latter will not be allowed to eclipse “the message of hope, justice, and love,” she insists. She is then asked about earlier videos that appeared to show police using force, and she says that will be reviewed. But she also says force used against officers was not appropriate either.

In closing at 6:38 pm, she reiterates support for those who are grieving, and for their right to protest, but vows to restore order “and hold those people accountable” who caused the “chaos and destruction.” She says they don’t know yet if, like some other cities, those who caused it were from out of town.

6:48 PM: Details of the mayoral orders – the emergency declaration , and the weapons-use ban – that one is NOT citywide, and spells out a specific area (downtown).

8:25 PM: In case you were wondering: We just drove through the West Seattle business districts. Looked like most restaurants that are open for takeout/delivery this time of night were still open. Streets were relatively empty.

12:43 AM: Detailed Metro alert from late Saturday night:

Metro buses are not serving the downtown core area between Denny Way and Edgar Martinez Dr S, due to the events currently taking place in that area in conjunction with the City of Seattle’s curfew.

吉林快三大小群Metro riders are advised to avoid the downtown area, be aware of conditions in their immediate vicinity that my change quickly, revise travel plans as needed, and most importantly, stay safe.

吉林快三大小群As of 9:00 PM and until the end of service, including late night routes that operate after 1:00 AM, Metro plans the following, however, changes could occur without notice:

Routes 7 and 49 are staying east of downtown Seattle along Broadway and Boren through the Capitol Hill and First Hill areas.
Routes 10 and 12 are canceled.
Route 36 is turning back at S Jackson Street and will not serve Queen Anne.
Routes heading toward downtown from the north end will turn back or be rerouted at – or near – Denny Way, and will not continue into downtown Seattle. Board these routes northbound at stops north of Denny Way.
Routes heading toward downtown from the south end will turn back or be rerouted at – or near – Edgar Martinez Dr S, and will not continue into downtown Seattle. Board these routes southbound at stops south of Edgar Martinez Dr S.
Most routes (except trolley routes) that normally travel through downtown Seattle to continue as other routes – such as routes 5 and 21 or 24 and 124 – will continue to their destinations at each end, but will travel via non-stop routing that avoids the downtown core area.
Routes 40, 70 and the RapidRide D Line will serve their stops on Sixth Avenue S, but will not serve downtown Seattle south of Denny Way.
Metro Route 41 and Sound Transit Express Route 522 are not traveling south of Northgate Transit Center; riders who need to go south from there can transfer to Route 40 or other service, depending on their destination.
Eastside I-90 routes are terminating at Mercer Island and not continuing to downtown Seattle.
Eastside SR 520 routes are terminating at the South Kirkland P&R, except for Metro Route 255 and ST Route 545, which are continuing to the University District.
Link light rail is operating, but with some station closures and changing conditions; check Sound Transit Link alerts.

Use regularly published timetables, but expect likely significant delays during the operation described above. Predicted departure times in customer information apps will not be accurate.

吉林快三大小群Metro expects to operate regularly scheduled service at the start of Sunday morning. Watch for updates during the day on Sunday.

UPDATE: Gas leak briefly shuts down 9th SW in Highland Park

(Added: WSB photos)

9:46 PM: Police are closing 9th SW between Elmgrove and Kemyon in Highland Park because of what was described in radio communication as a gas leak that may have been caused by a crash. They’re also evacuating some nearby residents. More as we get it.

10:05 PM: The gas has been shut off and the street is expected to reopen soon. We are in the area to see what else we can find out.

10:29 PM: Raad’s open again. Police told us at the scene that the gas line, on a driveway serving multiple residences, was hit but the driver was gone when they arrived. No other damage.

Highland Park Way hill rechannelization on hold, and other news from HPAC’s discussion with SDOT

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

吉林快三大小群The proposal to remove one downhill lane of Highland Park Way traffic and add an uphill protected bicycle lane is shelved for now.

That was the big headline from last night’s discussion with SDOT, a week and a half after that particular detail of the Highland Park Way/Holden safety project update came to light, sparking controversy.

Instead, SDOT will focus on figuring out how to expand the trail along the downhill lanes.

But first, HPAC got a West Seattle Bridge update that segued into traffic issues. SDOT’s Heather Marx recapped where things stand and what’s been done related to traffic effects – all of which we’ve reported on, but if you’re interested in a recap, check out from earlier this week, and our most-recent update. On the bridge itself, they’re preparing for Pier 18 work, and the new Community Task force and Technical Advisory Panel will have their first meetings the week of June 8th.

Traffic-mitigation projects will be focused on what can be done in less than a year and for less than $100,000 because that way SDOT doesn’t have to send them out to bid and can move faster. Plans, she said, will address effects on SODO, South Park, Georgetown, Highland Park, Riverview, South Delridge, Roxhill – in other words, the areas now getting barraged with detour traffic. When the draft traffic-mitigation plans are out, they’ll look for community prioritization. The timeline for the plans is approximately:

Read More

What’s the long-term solution for waterfront driver gatherings? Residents, police discuss @ Alki Community Council

(WSB photo: Quiet moment on Beach Drive by Constellation Park, May 13)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Would removing parking solve the problem of drivers gathering along West Seattle’s public waterfront?

That was one of the suggestions as residents of three Alki-area neighborhoods dominated the discussion at the Alki Community Council‘s onlne meeting last Thursday night.

The meeting began with an update from Southwest Precinct operations commander Lt. Steve Strand. While police have launched their seasonal emphasis at Alki, he warned that the city’s COVID-19-related budget crunch is reducing the amount of money available for overtime to staff those extra assignments (and others). Nonetheless, extra officers were planned for two of the three days on Memorial Day weekend.

Addressing the driver-gathering concerns, he said the “Stay Healthy Streets” designation for Beach Drive by Constellation Park (and then Alki Avenue west of 63rd) was inspired by the ongoing problems there. The situation worsened after the Don Armeni Boat Ramp parking lot was closed吉林快三大小群, he noted, displacing the “car clubs” who liked to gather there. He acknowledged that the problem keeps shifting, and noted that they’re “looking at long-term solutions” if, as has been , the Constellation Park-side change is temporary.

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