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E-RECYCLING: Reminder – nearby drive-up event on Saturday

If you can’t wait until next month, in nearby Georgetown invites you to its free event tomorrow:

10 am-2 pm Saturday, 8/29/2020 in Georgetown at 3R Technology

5511 1st Ave South []

Finish up that house-cleaning you started during the lockdown. Bring those old household electronics you haven’t laid hands on in years, and the bundles of power adapters to things you don’t own anymore…

吉林快三大小群Almost all electronics will be accepted: TVs, computers, laptops, printers, cell phones, pretty much anything with a power switch! We will also provide free, confidential data destruction, battery disposal, media shredding, and office furniture disposal.

A few guidelines to keep us all safe:

-Please have all the materials you wish to recycle in your trunk or backseat.

-Please wear your face covering while materials are being retrieved from your vehicle.

吉林快三大小群-Please stay in your vehicle, unless otherwise instructed to do so.

-Please do not attend if you are sick.

About that black smoke to the east: Fire call in SODO

July 27, 2020 5:26 pm
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 |   Not WS but we're mentioning it anyway | West Seattle news

5:26 PM: Thanks for the tips and photos (the one above was sent by Garrett). Many questions about that big plume of black smoke visible looking east from West Seattle. It is from a fire call in SODO, 3800 block of 9th Avenue S. – the address on the log checks to a commercial site [], but the address on the log is not always accurate, so we are waiting to hear from SFD. (Radio communication so far has mentioned a “debris pile.”)

吉林快三大小群7:58 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells us that “this was a fire that involved a RV, a pick-up truck type camper (without the truck), a tent, and debris. Four adults were displaced. American Red Cross was notified. The cause is under investigation.”

TRAFFIC ALERT UPDATE: NB 99 reopens south of South Park

12:48 PM:吉林快三大小群 This has been discussed in comments on our morning traffic post but afternoon is here and it’s still not resolved, so we’re mentioning it: NB Highway 99 is still closed at Des Moines Memorial Drive just south of South Park []. Information is scant but witnesses on Twitter say it’s a standoff with a person on the overpass there, and it’s been under way for four hours. So if you’re headed this way from points south, you’ll want an alternate route.

12:53 PM: Moments after we published that, WSDOT sent an alert saying the highway has reopened.

ANOTHER CRACKED BRIDGE: This time, in Florida

(Photo by Stephen B Calvert, via Wikimedia)

11:29 AM: Thanks to the WSB readers who have pointed this out: On the other side of the continent, a concrete bridge spanning a river has been closed because of cracking, and there are warnings that it’s in risk of collapse. This bridge is even newer than the closed-since-March West Seattle Bridge. It’s the southbound span of the Roosevelt Bridge吉林快三大小群, a mile-long, state-owned bridge that carries U.S. Highway 1 across the St. Lucie River in , Florida [], and suggests it has a lot in common with our bridge – it’s a concrete “box girder” bridge, for example. Local media there some concrete has fallen but the nature and risk of the crack is still under investigation; they also the bridge was last inspected two years ago, with no problems found. It was built in the mid-’90s. The cracked span is closed to traffic, so the separate northbound span is . P.S. This bridge also, like ours, replaced a drawbridge, and had a .

5:49 PM: Now both sides/spans of the Florida bridge .

8:23 PM吉林快三大小群: A couple other datapoints we found – the Florida bridge has about half the over-water clearance of ours, 65 feet, and more volume – 120,000 vehicles a day.

VIDEO: Middle-school marching band’s virtual performance

One of the things we’ll be missing during this season of pre-empted parades: Marching bands. So this made us smile when it arrived in the WSB inbox today. The school isn’t in West Seattle, but the band director points out his local tie:

My name is John Aguilar, Director of Bands at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School in Seattle, WA and a PROUD alumnus of Chief Sealth International High School (class of 2012).

I just wanted to share with you a virtual performance that my students did recently of “Juice” by Lizzo. As you know, we have been out of school for two months now, and along with that comes numerous concerts/festivals/competitions/parades that the students will no longer get to experience this school year. It is with that in mind that my students decided to come together “virtually” during these uncertain times, as we try to send the message that music truly is one of the best medicines for the soul and that we can still make music together, although physically apart. I am writing to see if you can help us share our message in hopes of inspiring the community through our music. I hope you enjoy!

is in North Seattle, and opened in fall 2017.

EXTRA: Italian bridge’s rapid rebuild sparks West Seattle imagination

Several people emailed us吉林快三大小群 Tuesday to point out – a construction milestone for a new bridge in Genoa, Italy, replacing one that collapsed 20 months ago (as shown in this video, which also shows the demolition of what remained of the old bridge):

Wrote Elisabetta Povoledo in the New York Times story on the bridge nearing completion and the disaster that brought down its predecessor:

吉林快三大小群When it was built, in the 1960s, the Morandi bridge was widely celebrated for its artistry and innovative engineering. Its collapse 20 months ago, when a section of roadway fell 150 feet onto a riverbed, became a source of national embarrassment.

吉林快三大小群An investigation into the causes of the collapse revealed shortcomings in the day-to-day maintenance and in public oversight of Italy’s aging infrastructure. The disaster left Genoa effectively split into two, throwing the lives of its residents into disarray.

The new bridge is being paid for by the private company that operated the failed bridge and many such road facilities in Italy; the project was overseen by the mayor of Genoa. This short video report says the main part of the construction took just 7 months:

吉林快三大小群There are undoubtedly many differences between the situation there and here; the most important one is that our bridge’s damage was caught before catastrophe, while the collapse in Genoa killed more than 40 people. Also, we don’t even know yet if our bridge will or will not need immediate replacement. But what attracted the attention of those who emailed us was more the Genoa timeframe. Wrote one, “If Italy can do it, why can’t we?”

P.S. If you can’t see the New York Times link, try ,

MYSTERY SOLVED: About that smoke seen across the Sound

(Thursday photo by Gary Jones)

Lots of questions on Thursday about that smoke visible from West Seattle, looking across Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains’ foothills. Some were sure it was an early wildfire, but we and others searched for info, to no avail. We finally inquired with the and got a reply this morning: , from clearing of private land.

VIDEO: Student-led rally at Kennedy Catholic High School calls for ‘change’ and for rehiring 2 gay teachers who suddenly ‘resigned’

‘Rehire! Rehire!’ That’s one of the chants heard at this afternoon’s student-led rally at in Burien, four days after the school community was roiled by the announcement of two gay teachers’ sudden “voluntary resignation.”吉林快三大小群 West Seattle families with kennedy students called our attention to the controversy over the weekend, and it has drawn national as well as regional attention.

Even before students walked out at 1 pm (video above) in support of teachers Paul Danforth and Michelle Beattie吉林快三大小群, South 140th Street in front of the school was filled with hundreds of people of all ages, many hoisting signs of support and rainbow flags.

吉林快三大小群The rally began with the Lord’s Prayer. From there, students took turns at the microphone, voicing both their support for the teachers, displeasure with school leadership and the Archdiocese of Seattle – believed to have masterminded the move – and their calls for change.

One adult took the microphone to huge cheers – Danforth’s fiancé Sean Nyberg.

He also spoke to reporters before the rally (video added).:

He said Danforth misses the students. And Nyberg said he wanted to be there to stress love and support for LGBTQ teens. Also present in support but not speaking, Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta and Councilmember Cydney Moore.

Multiple student speakers both demanded and promised change.”This wasn’t the first time (something like this has happened), but it will be the last,” said one. Another, describing herself as “heartbroken (and) disgusted,” asked, “Why can’t the Catholic Church get on the train? Change has been happening for thousands of years.” Students standing in support included soccer players – Beattie was their coach:

吉林快三大小群Another promised the rally was “just the beginning.” There was a demand for an all-school meeting so that the situation can be fully aired. One speaker said “the silence (of school leadership) is deafening.”

Though there were rumors of a counterprotest, none was seen, A King County Sheriff’s Office deputy told us about 10 people showed up but quickly departed. KCSO – with which Burien contracts for police services – had bicycle officers there, but the rally remained peaceful.

吉林快三大小群As 2 pm approached, the crowd started to dwindle; students told us they would remain outside the school until the official end of the day around 2:30, and continued sporadic chants, such as “We want change,” “I believe that love will win,” and “Gay rights are human rights.” Even the school’s namesake got a shout-out:

吉林快三大小群The school’s current enrollment is 851, according to that also notes, one FAQ later, that “Inclusiveness is a priority at Kennedy Catholic.”

-Report by Tracy Record, images by Patrick Sand, WSB co-publishers

UPDATE: Two Kennedy Catholic HS teachers’ departures stir controversy as supporters say they were forced out for being gay

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Several West Seattle parents who send children to in Burien have called our attention to a controversy that’s been embroiling that school’s community this weekend. Kennedy announced the sudden “voluntary” resignation of two teachers, both of whom, supporters say, are gay. Parents have organized a crowdfunding page for the teachers; Paul Danforth, an English teacher (who is also a Kennedy graduate, according to ), and Michelle Beattie, who taught health and . The includes this introduction:

Two beloved and extraordinary teachers at Kennedy Catholic High School “voluntarily resigned” on February 13, 2020 because of their sexual orientation and desire to live authentically (and legally) married to their partners.

In addition to the sadness felt by their community of supporters, Paul and Michelle are both now without jobs or incomes. In the middle of a school year it will be difficult for either of them to find employment immediately.

吉林快三大小群The school’s email announcement on Friday, forwarded to us by one of the parents who received it, says only:

Please see the following statement provided to us to share with our community.

“Two teachers, Paul Danforth and Michelle Beattie, have voluntarily resigned their positions at Kennedy Catholic High School. They are highly capable, gifted, and qualified teachers, who have served our community with dedication and humility. Their loss will be felt deeply by their students and the entire community. We are thankful to Paul and Michelle for their years of service.”

The statement ended by referring questions/comments to the . Its is where some concerned Kennedy parents are planning a protest at 9 am Tuesday, according to set up to show support for the teachers. Other posts mention plans for a student walkout and community show of support that day (school is out tomorrow for Presidents Day).

吉林快三大小群The teachers themselves have not yet commented publicly so far as we have seen; a post in the aforementioned Facebook group said they were at the school earlier today to collect their belongings.

Similar controversies have erupted elsewhere in the country. The news publication National Catholic Reporter last year. It included a citation of : Two-thirds of U.S. Catholics now support same-sex marriage.

ADDED MONDAY NIGHT: Tuesday’s protests are planned for 9 am at the Archdiocese offices and 1 pm at the school, which sent parents another email today acknowledging those plans (as well as a student walkout) and warned that community members and parents won’t be allowed inside the school, but will be allowed to gather at 1 pm “in front of the building.” We’ll be among those there to cover it.

FYI: Northwest Navy bases participating in anti-terrorism exercise starting next week

January 27, 2020 3:12 pm
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 |   Not WS but we're mentioning it anyway | West Seattle news

Since passing ships and military aircraft often attract attention in our area, we’re publishing this FYI notice sent to us and other regional media today:

Northwest Navy bases will participate in an annual anti-terrorism force protection exercise called Exercise Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain 2020 (CS/SC 20) February 3-14.

Measures have been taken to minimize disruptions within local communities and to normal base operations, but there may be times when the exercise causes increased traffic around bases or delays in base access due to temporary gate closures or other security-related activities.

吉林快三大小群Area residents may also see or hear security and other first responder activities associated with the exercise, including potentially seeing training smoke, hearing small explosive sounds, or observing increased vessel activity on the water near an installation. The simulations are part of the training exercise and pose no safety risk. Advanced coordination has taken place with local law enforcement and first responders.

The safety and security of our people, equipment and facilities is a top priority. This important annual exercise is designed to ensure Navy personnel are at peak readiness to deter and respond to potential security threats.

吉林快三大小群This regularly scheduled exercise is not in response to any specific threat, but it is based on realistic scenarios designed to increase readiness. It is Navy policy not to discuss the specifics of Force Protection; therefore, the details of the exercise will not be released.

Exercise CS/SC 20 is conducted by Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Commander, Navy Installations Command on all Navy installations located in the continental United States.

吉林快三大小群The Navy routinely conducts this type of security and other emergency response exercises to ensure readiness and improve coordination, communication and collaboration with other agencies during emergency situations.

If you’re new around here – is the nearest U.S. Navy base.

SATURDAY: Music from ‘Hamilton,’ a ferry ride away

The 吉林快三大小群 has joined the WSB sponsor team to ensure you know about entertainment options like this, a ferry ride away:

Rise Up, the Hamilton Tribute Band! is coming to the Kay White Hall on Saturday (January 25th), 1 and 7 pm! Rise Up is an ensemble of top Seattle vocalists and musicians that performs the amazing music of “Hamilton,” a record-breaking Broadway musical and winner of 11 Tonys including Best Musical. It is a sweeping national cultural phenomenon with music that marries hip hop, R&B and Broadway.

Rise Up delivers a performance that captures all the sophistication, detail and emotion of the music of “Hamilton”. Rise Up has performed extensively in the Northwest, selling out venues including The Triple Door in Seattle, Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, Rialto Theater in Tacoma, Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, and many others. Rise Up was named runner up for Best New Musical Act in Seattle Weekly’s Best of Seattle 2018. (Note: This is not a theatrical performance of the musical “Hamilton” but rather a live performance of the smash hit’s music.(

VCA Members – $24, Sr./Students – $26,
General Admission – $30, Premium Seats (first 2-3 rows) at $35

吉林快三大小群Vashon Center for the Arts started more than 50 years ago, making it the oldest private non-profit community arts organization in the State of Washington! VCA is a one of a kind art center located on beautiful Vashon Island. A short 20 minute ferry ride away from West Seattle, it’s 吉林快三大小群 to The Kay White Hall – a 300 seat performance theater built in 2016 which attracts international, regional and local talent. The 2000 sq. foot art gallery presents art exhibits on a regular basis (usually monthly) that include paintings, sculpture, mixed media, photography, wood, glass, ceramics and fiber. And VCA offers a variety of dance and art education classes for youth and adults year round and has robust scholarship opportunities for families in need.

Here are some quotes from our visitors: “Intimate venue, professional acoustics and bonus lobby art gallery.” “Beautiful space and excellent selection of both performing and visual arts.” “The hall has amazing quality sound. Nice comfortable venue.” These reflect how people experience the Kay White Hall and art gallery, but VCA offers so much more. Our Dance school and Arts Education program have been cornerstone to bringing the arts into the lives of children and adults for generations. We frequently hear from students that their experience at VCA has changed their lives. Here’s an excerpt from a handwritten letter from one of our dance students. “You have opened my eyes to the thing I love the most. I am so grateful for you pushing me and giving me so many opportunities.” Art changes live. For many of us, it’s our life blood. That’s why people keep coming to VCA and why all of us who work here believe in what we do. We hope you venture across the waters and join us for performances, classes, summer camp, or a leisurely walk through the gallery!

VCA is at 19600 Vashon Highway SW – .

DOWNTOWN ALERT: Buses rerouted because of shooting investigations; Water Taxi adds runs

3:44 PM: A texter points out that if you will be riding Metro back here from downtown this pm, this might affect you – road closures/bus reroutes because of a shooting involving SPD and KCSO at 3rd and Blanchard.

5:28 PM:吉林快三大小群 As noted by commenters, a second shooting incident has since happened downtown. This one is reported by SFD to involve “multiple patients,” near 3rd and Pine.

5:39 PM: Six patients, according to emergency-radio discussion. Meantime, from SDOT:

6:07 PM:吉林快三大小群 A reader texted that photo of NB buses queued at 3rd/Seneca. No recent update from Metro.

6:10 PM: Metro has now sent an update: “Buses in downtown Seattle continue to be rerouted off 3 Av btwn Wall St/University St & off Blanchard St west of 5 Av.”

6:18 PM: Short media briefing from police chief and fire chief: As noted above, 6 victims. 1 dead. 5 in critical condition. No one in custody. … Back to the issue of getting out of downtown, one person on Twitter tells us the Water Taxi has been busier than usual. It has one more run from downtown to West Seattle tonight, .

7:05 PM: As mentioned in comments, the Water Taxi has added runs: “To help alleviate congestion in the downtown Seattle area, the West Seattle Water Taxi will be adding additional sailings from Pier 50 to Seacrest park in West Seattle tonight.” No further details but if you’re still stuck downtown, consider heading for the pier.

7:20 PM: Update from the Water Taxi, last run from downtown will be 7:30 pm.

9:35 PM:吉林快三大小群 Buses are still detoured, Metro says. Meantime, SPD has just of the first shooting this afternoon, the one involving officers and deputies.

10:13 PM:吉林快三大小群 And now SPD has published , with 1 dead and six others injured.

THURSDAY MORNING NOTE: Metro says bus routing did return to normal early this am.

South Seattle College’s Georgetown campus hosting Seattle Stand Down later this week for 吉林快三大小群less, at-risk veterans

December 9, 2019 1:14 pm
|    Comments Off on South Seattle College’s Georgetown campus hosting Seattle Stand Down later this week for 吉林快三大小群less, at-risk veterans
 |   Not WS but we're mentioning it anyway | West Seattle news

Are you – or do you know – a 吉林快三大小群less/at-risk veteran? Help is available at the Seattle Stand Down on the of (WSB sponsor) later this week. The announcement:

Homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families will be offered a “hand up” at the ninth annual Seattle Stand Down on Thursday, Dec. 12 and Friday, Dec. 13, 2019 at the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle College (located at 6737 Corson Avenue South). The Seattle Stand Down is a one-stop shop for resources and services available to Veterans who currently lack permanent housing or simply need a “hand up” in order to prevent 吉林快三大小群lessness.

Representatives from local businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and all levels of government will be on hand with volunteers to provide medical screenings, eye exams, dental services, legal aid, employment opportunities, housing assistance, case management referrals, haircuts, personal hygiene items and meals. Providers offer services specifically for women Veterans including health care, advocacy, counseling, employment and personal care.

吉林快三大小群Services and resources will be provided on campus at several locations, including the Gene Colin Education Hall – Bldg C, 6737 Corson Avenue South. Parking passes will be made available to veterans receiving services.

The event is put on by The Seattle Stand Down, a volunteer team of veterans dedicated to supporting veterans experiencing 吉林快三大小群lessness.

吉林快三大小群There’s more info , including – free transit as well as parking.

UPDATE: Deadly crash on NB 99 north of downtown

1:55 PM: If you have to head north of downtown any time in the next few hours, you’ll want to avoid Highway 99. It’s closed north of the Aurora Bridge because of a deadly crash involving a flipped car. Initial emergency-radio reports – and a text from a WSB reader who was there right after it happened – were that one person was dead at the scene, at least one other with life-threatening injuries.

4:09 PM:吉林快三大小群 NB traffic is still being diverted, at last report onto Bridge Way. the incident involved a woman driving onto a sidewalk and hitting 4 pedestrians, one of whom was killed.

6:15 PM: NB Aurora remains closed. SPD has on the case, saying the driver will be booked into jail for investigation of vehicular homicide.

6:27 PM: SDOT has just announced the scene is clear.

YOU CAN HELP: West Seattle concern for Burien school hit by arson

That’s in north Burien, hit earlier this week by arson which, , forced the cancellation of some classes. We’ve heard this morning from several readers who suggest that West Seattleites might want to help the school recover from the damage. 吉林快三大小群 has sent out this call for support:

One of our fellow Catholic schools has experienced a tragic fire that is impacting their ability to have their school open. We are sharing their information with you in hopes you will pray for their community. If you would like to support them with a donation of money or supplies, information can be found below.

The school (at Ambaum/128th) has about 200 students.

VIDEO: About that flyover – Red Arrows visiting Seattle

(Added: Photos by Monica Zaborac)

11:48 AM: Got a couple questions about this – sorry we didn’t hear about it in advance, but if you too saw it and wondered, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, just arrived in Seattle. They’re . (Thanks to the commenter who saved us research time post-flyover!)

12:03 PM:吉林快三大小群 The Museum of Flight tweeted video of the arrival:

About that fireworks show you’re hearing in the distance

We mentioned this in today’s preview since it was audible here last year too. But in case you missed that: The fireworks you’re hearing are from the show, fired off the Manette Bridge in east Bremerton []. P.S. t of who’s having fireworks shows, where, and when.

Yes, that’s wildfire smoke you’re seeing, looking west from West Seattle

5:28 PM:吉林快三大小群 From the “in case you wondered too” file – yes, that’s smoke – apparently from a wildfire southwest of here. It’s near Crosby in Kitsap County (). The Bear Creek Fire was as of 5 pm – not huge but big enough to be noticeable.

8:20 PM:吉林快三大小群 DNR it’s made big progress and that it has a line around 90 percent of the fire.

Milestone this weekend for Lander Street Bridge project

(View from the pedestrian walkway: Lander St. Bridge’s concrete columns and crossbeams taking shape)

The photo is from , accompanying the first update in a while on the , long awaited by many who travel to and from our area through/to SODO:

吉林快三大小群It’s been over a year since construction began on the Lander St Bridge project, and the bridge foundation is beginning to take shape. This spring, the contractor successfully drilled 10 shafts and finished pouring columns for the bridge foundation.

Starting this weekend, crews will begin hanging girders, or beams, that will ultimately support the bridge deck, otherwise known as the roadway or walkway surface. Rebar and carpentry crews will be working during the day and night on these girders. Crews will begin pouring concrete to form the bridge deck over the summer.

吉林快三大小群The $100 million bridge is expected to open early next year.

FLYOVER ALERT: Mariners’ opener Thursday afternoon

Heads up – the ‘ opening-day game tomorrow will be preceded by a flyover. The M’s media advisory for the game says an from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island will fly over the stadium at 3:55 pm, and adds, “The flight path will be from south to north.” (Game time vs. the Red Sox is 4:10 pm.)

UPDATE: 4th Avenue S. blocked in SODO after man shot on bus

(Added 11:39 am: SDOT cam framegrab of investigation scene)

11:28 AM: If you’re heading downtown, do NOT use 4th Avenue South – police have currently closed it at Walker because of a shooting investigation. It’s reported to have happened aboard a Metro bus. Two people were hurt, one from a gunshot wound, the other from injuries attributed to whatever “altercation” happened.

12:11 PM: Street is still blocked as the investigation continues but Pooja emailed us with this advice: “We just went on 4th and it’s possible to go around Lander to 6th to Holgate (and I think still faster than waiting on the West Seattle bridge and I-5 to get to 90).” SPD, meantime, says via Twitter吉林快三大小群 that no suspects are “outstanding” though they haven’t clarified whether that means someone else is in custody or the shooting was done by one of the two people taken to the hospital.

12:28 PM: SFD says the shooting victim is a 51-year-old man and was transported in critical condition; the man with other injuries is 88 and in stable condition. Both were taken to Harborview Medical Center.

1:46 PM吉林快三大小群: Southbound traffic is now being allowed through. The northbound lanes are still blocked.

ADDED SATURDAY EVENING:吉林快三大小群 , the older man shot the younger man, and then fell and hit his head.

VETERANS DAY: Regional ‘open mic’ town hall Sunday

West Seattleite Patrick Gerding is on the board of and wants to be sure everyone hears about the organization’s “open mic” event tomorrow – not in WS but not far – whether you are a veteran who would like to speak, or whether you could simply be there to listen:

吉林快三大小群Veterans Day is not just a day off or about Veterans Day Sales…..

Please join us in honoring and acknowledging veterans on November 11th. We are collaborating with What They Signed Up For吉林快三大小群 to bring you a free event where veterans and their families will share their stories of deployment to combat and readjustment at 吉林快三大小群. The public can listen and learn at this meaningful celebration.

It’s at the (3515 South Alaska St.; ) in Columbia City, 3-5 pm Sunday. Find more information, and an RSVP link, .

UPDATE: If you were wondering about that helicopter …

…. seen from east West Seattle, it was a TV chopper and while there’s nothing breaking in our area right now, there’s an incident right across the Duwamish River:

11:48 AM UPDATE: Per scanner, the package was opened, “just a bunch of brochures, no hazard,” and the situation should be winding down.